Bits O' Love Visiting Equine Assisted Therapy

    A 501c3 Non-Profit
Healing, Nurturing and Inspiring the Human Spirit

Bits of Love is a visiting equine assisted therapy program dedicated to bringing miniature therapy horses to visit special needs facilities, schools, rehab centers, and nursing homes. We do not charge a fee for visits.  Our specially trained miniature therapy horses share "a bit of love" on visits with people who face extraordinary challenges every day and remind them that they do matter.           

Bits of Love therapy horses are trained to visit indoors, maneuver around beds, wheelchairs and walkers, travel in elevators and remain calm and relaxed while visiting with clients.

Patients, residents, students and staff members are all delighted when they hear the clip clop of tiny hooves as therapy mini horses JayJay McNeigh or Rosie O' Nickers prance down the hallway looking to share a bit of love.

Our goals for each visit are simple.  Many of our visits are with people who have memory disorders and Alzheimers, developmental disabilities, long term care facilities, special reds classes, VA Hospitals and hospice patients.   We strive to connect with each person individually, one- to- one often utilizing recommended therapeutic activities such as; touch therapy, encouraging speech and engaging in conversation, tactile stimulation, reminiscence therapy or just plain old having fun.

The Whinnie Wagon

Traveling with the herd is easy in  the "Whinnie Wagon"  We have been transporting our therapy horses since we began Bits of Love. This second hand van was purchased in 2004, and has since traveled many, many miles.  

Unfortunately, now topping over 100,000 miles, it will not survive much longer.  

Please help us by donating so that we can purchase a "newer" second hand van and continue providing the community with services.

To Schedule a Bits O' Love Visit:

Contact Linda Kearney, Program Founder and Director at:


                              A Bits o' Love Visit...


Bits O' Love is dedicated to visiting special needs facilitiesThese include :

 Memory Care or Alzheimer's Care Centers

Centers for individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Rehab facilities

Special Needs Schools and classes

Private visits for hospice patients

Acute and Long term care facilities


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